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Spectra Precision Credit/LINC Vendor Services

Spectra Precision Credit

LINC Capital, Inc. acquired Spectra Precision Credit Corporation, the captive leasing arm of Spectra Precision, Inc., a manufacturer of laser-based leveling instruments for surveying and machine control systems and software used in construction and agriculture, in June 1998. The operation continues to service Spectra's sales finance needs, and uses the skills and expertise developed for Spectra to provide other vendors with financing programs.

LINC Vendor Services

LINC Vendor Services provides financing alternatives to manufacturers for the convenient sales of their products, inventory management tools for manufacturers, and sales training in lease financing to the personnel of client manufacturers.

Distributing products through a variety of domestic and foreign markets is a challenge facing many equipment manufacturers today. By providing innovative financial solutions, LINC Capital can motivate distribution networks and end users: increasing sales, protecting gross margins and improving selling efficiencies.

LINC Capital also understands the need for inventory control and healthy distribution channels. That's why our inventory management programs are not only designed to help dealers sell more product, but to resolve inventory management challenges, maximize capacity and boost cash flow.

A well-trained effective sales force is important to any vendor in today's competitive environment. That's why LINC Capital developed its unique Professional Pathway series to address the entire sales process, from prospecting and qualifying to overcoming objections and closing.

With resources in Canada, Australia, Germany, Benelux and the United Kingdom, LINC Capital has the global expertise and ability to expand holdings and generate new business in an international market.

LINC Capital's new vendor services division is uniquely qualified to offer competitive programs, personalized service and the flexibility to ensure the successful growth of your business.

For information, please contact:

John Painter
Senior Vice President

LINC Vendor Services
A division of LINC Capital, Inc.
303 East Wacker Drive, Suite 1000
Chicago, IL 60601

Tel (312) 946-1000
Fax (312) 938-4290

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