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LINC Capital provides equipment leasing and other asset-based financing to emerging companies, provides financing to vendors and lessors, and rents, leases and sells analytical instruments.

LINC Capital comprises two business units:

Equipment Rental & Sales:

  • Internet Finance + Equipment. Distributes and leases new and used Internet access equipment.

Vendor Finance: Provides and manages customized lease financing and sales support programs for equipment manufacturers and distributors.

  • LINC Monex. Small- to middle-ticket leasing of computer, telecommunications and office equipment.
LINC Capital, Inc.
303 E. Wacker Drive, Suite 1000
Chicago, Illinois 60601
Tel (312) 946-1000
Fax (312) 938-4290

LINC Capital's sunflower is a digitized expression of the vitality, development and growth shown by our clients in healthcare and information technology.

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